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“If you are seeking a professional, but personal way of delivering a financial service such as a mortgage, then “Mortgages by Craig” will bring you a very satisfied and painless ending to what is usually a very intimidating process. To have someone like Craig Pritchard be available for every ‘silly’ question,and ensure you that it is never silly,and to explain,in a very understandable, but thorough way, made this process even more comforting.Not only was Craig able to find the best possible rate,but also the best type of mortgage,and lender to suit our needs. He was extremely conscious of detail, timelines, and took the time to be sure everything went smoothly for ourselves. We were fully satisfied with his service, and if you are seeking the most efficient process, with the best possible rate, with the best suited mortgage, his knowledge, professionalism, and personal approach is the way to achieve this. Thank you Craig.”

Wayne & Lisa Sutherland/Djordjevic Glencoe ON