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What our customers are saying…

“Thank you, Craig, for everything you have done for us, including your exceptional customer service. Without a doubt, you went above and beyond in refinancing our mortgage. You did this extremely quick and you were very successful in finding an almost 4% lower rate than we were paying. You were very easy to communicate with and answered our concerns right away. We cannot express our appreciation enough to you, since no one else was willing to listen to our situation. You made the whole experience a positive, low stress experience even when some last minute issues arose. For this we will be forever thankful! We will definitely be and already have been recommending you to all of our family and friends! Thanks a million Craig!”

Matt & Melanie Vandenberg Paris ON

The Movement

Since 2008, we have been creating happiness! Everything we do – from how we answer the phone, to how we respond to your questions and concerns, to how we process and simplify your mortgage transaction – our primary goal is to make you happy. Over the years we have met some amazing people, and our testimonials highlight some of their experiences.

We are very proud of what we are doing and want to take happiness to the next level. And so, in early 2021 The Movement was born; a happiness movement, a movement with the intention to create happiness for everyone. We want everyone reading this to think of ways they can create happiness. Any act of kindness that makes people smile; from a simple wave to your neighbour, to holding a door open for someone, to helping someone with a problem or task, everyone can create happiness.